"Color, Joy, Gems, Silver, Gold, Traditional Techniques and Handmade Creations – A Cluster of Concentrated Energy"

I graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 1994.

With the conclusion of my studies, I was selected by the Israel Export Institute‏ to present in the Israeli National Pavilion at an exhibition in England.

Over the years, I participated in various exhibitions – both locally and abroad.

Thus, for example, many of my creations were presented and sold in Paris – Bijorhca, Madrid – Bisutex, the United States and Canada.

In Israel, I presented in the Eretz Israel Museum at the "Israeli Jewelry" exhibition (2002), and the "Gold Thread" exhibition (2005). Furthermore, I took part in the NTJ exhibition in Amsterdam (2008) and in the "Designers of the Century" exhibition (2009).

I designed drama jewelry and accessories. In the past years, I have been designing an exclusive collection for the Dutch magazine "Happinez".

In addition, I market my jewelry to stores and galleries in Israel and abroad.    

I'm continually in the process of designing and manufacturing new models, like a fountain flowing out of me.

The combination of traditional techniques with new original techniques developed by myself helps to create

a unique style in which my personal touch is felt in every piece of jewelry, set with sparkling gems in various colors.

In my mind, I visited the 18th century royal courts of Europe, temples in India, Bukhara, Aladdin's Cave, and treasure chests of pirates. 

Each new design created on my workbench fills me with emotion and handing the new piece of jewelry over to its destined wearer is for me an act of joyful giving.

Choosing a piece of jewelry is no coincidence.

The combination of the colors, the form, the metaphysical properties of the gems, together with the client's personal inclination, create the magical moment of choosing the destined piece of jewelry. 

I live together with my partner and our four children in Pardes Chana. My workshop and studio shop are situated under an ancient Pine tree in the courtyard of my house.    

I am fortunate to engage in creative work that fills me with joy and interest again and again.

Thank you.